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Bühler+Scherler offers customers around the world state-of-the-art technologies and innovative engineering in the fields of Industry/Process and Building/Infrastructure. Our engineers know and explore our customers’ processes and create optimal solutions.

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Building automation

Bühler + Scherler AG

With its engineering, implementation, maintenance, and service activities, Bühler+Scherler AG offers a complete range of services in the field of building automation. Our integral systems allow a high level of energy efficiency, system uptime, convenience, and flexibility to be achieved.

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Energy consulting

Bühler + Scherler AG

Energy is a precious property. With the rising consciousness of that the energy management from ecological and economic view wins in meaning. We support our customers to use these resources responsibly and with lasting effect.

Energy consulting company

Do you want to cut your energy consumption and save money? An energy consulting company like Bühler+Scherler AG can help you find affordable ways to create the system you want. As a leading name in electrical engineering, we excel in the creation of viable solutions that are innovative, affordable and up to date.

The energy consulting company that makes a difference

For over 30 years, Bühler+Scherler AG has been committed to finding energy solutions for its many satisfied clients around the globe. Today, as an internationally recognised energy consulting company, our outstanding level of knowledge and expertise makes us the ideal partners for businesses of every type. From production lines to electrical system installation, our work as an electrical consulting company has taken us to every corner of the Earth. Our engineers enjoy a challenge and are fully trained to find customer-specific solutions that really make a difference. Our electrical consulting company team takes everything into account - from location or plant type to budget and available energy sources. There is no denying that energy is seen as an increasingly precious commodity today. However, with the input of our energy consulting company experts, you can reduce your annual consumption and cut your fuel bills - sometimes by as much as 30 percent. Power management is more important than ever; environmental awareness is rising and industries around the globe are turning to their electrical consulting company for advice.

The energy consulting company that's right for you

As awareness of power management that is ecologically sound as well as economically viable increases, it's essential to have an energy consulting company that understands your specific needs as a client. We fully embrace the need for sustainable energy solutions but we pride ourselves on being there for the client through every phase of the project. We offer a comprehensive selection of services as an energy consulting company and offer an ongoing support package after the project is complete. Our lasting commitment to your system's success is why Bühler+Scherler AG is the energy consulting company that can take you into the future. Plus, our extensive international network of associates and partners means that we can always find the right way forward for you. We'll help you to choose systems that are easy to install yet which reduce your carbon footprint and our energy consulting company specialists are on hand to discuss your ideas and plans at any time. Whether want an energy consulting company that can install a complete production line or one, which is able to create a safe, fully automated system that covers everything from lighting to security, we can help.

Find out more about the ways in which you can benefit from the input of an energy consulting company of our calibre at As well as detailed information on our services, you can see examples of some of our many successful projects around the globe.

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