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Electrical engineering

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Bühler+Scherler offers customers around the world state-of-the-art technologies and innovative engineering in the fields of Industry/Process and Building/Infrastructure. Our engineers know and explore our customers’ processes and create optimal solutions.

Intelligent solutions

Building automation

Bühler + Scherler AG

With its engineering, implementation, maintenance, and service activities, Bühler+Scherler AG offers a complete range of services in the field of building automation. Our integral systems allow a high level of energy efficiency, system uptime, convenience, and flexibility to be achieved.

Energy specialist

Energy consulting

Bühler + Scherler AG

Energy is a precious property. With the rising consciousness of that the energy management from ecological and economic view wins in meaning. We support our customers to use these resources responsibly and with lasting effect.

Electrical Consulting

Let our electrical consulting experts save you energy. You'd be surprised at the amount of electricity that is wasted by homes, shops and businesses each year, often unwittingly. Our electrical consulting services have been designed to spotlight problem areas and find solutions that cut your energy consumption and save you money.

Electrical consulting: the right solutions for you

Bühler+Scherler AG has many years of experience in the energy sector both in Switzerland and overseas. From our headquarters in St. Gallen, we offer electrical consulting services for national and international clients from a wide range of backgrounds. Our key areas of expertise include electrical consulting, energy concepts, metrology, process technology and building automation. As an electrical consulting expert we are able to draw on our extensive network to offer customer specific solutions for both large and small projects. Bühler+Scherler is committed to finding power management solutions that save you money yet have minimal impact on the environment. Today, ecological issues are more important than ever and business around the globe are adopting greener energy policies. Our electrical consulting team can provide you with the means to save up to 30 percent annually by reducing your overall energy consumption. We'll help you find sustainable energy sources that are economically viable and ecologically sound.

Electrical consulting experts: Monitor your energy use with our help

With energy more precious than ever, it's vital that we use our resources in the most responsible manner. Not only does this benefit the environment and create cleaner air through a reduction in CO2 emissions, you'll enjoy considerable savings from the start. Electrical consulting experts can highlight where you can save energy and help you to monitor your overall usage. The Bühler+Scherler Monitoring Tool is cost-effective and easy to implement. It features a clear display of energy values with automatic evaluation and is a simple but effective way to monitor and improve your ecological footprint. It's possible to save up to 30 percent compared with prior usage and, of course, less energy wasted means less cash outlay for you. Bühler+Scherler AG has built its reputation as a leader in electrical consulting through energy advice that is truly beneficial to our many satisfied clients. Take a look at www.buhler-scherler.com for more information on our services, including electrical consulting. If less expense and better results are important to you, it makes sense to call on the electrical consulting experts. Bühler+Scherler AG can help you to find the answer that best suits your budget and operation whether you're a large company or a small individual project.

We aim to support our clients through every stage of energy optimisation via electrical consulting services that are designed with today's ecologically aware world in mind. Don't hesitate to contact us for further advice on any aspect of electrical consulting or take a look at some of the exciting options featured at www.buhler-scherler.com.

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