EMS – Energy Management System for determining potential energy savings

Have you ever wondered how the energy consumption of your company is reflected in your costs? The VE!SO Energy Management System enables you to create the basis for recording, monitoring, and optimizing your energy costs. In close collaboration with you, we will support you by offering you our vast know-how in the optimal implementation of a measurement concept and a system for monitoring your energy data.


Energy Management System of Bühler + Scherler

Bühler + Scherler has been developing systems for optimizing the energy consumption of different companies for years. The key requirement for this is to know and analyze the fundamental values, since the networking of plant data, energy streams, and infrastructure provides the basis for achieving sustainable energy-efficient plant operation. The VE!SO Energy Management System evaluates and visualizes energy data on the basis of customer-specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Possible KPIs include, for example:

  • Energy per ton of product [kWh/t] compared against reference values
  • Water volume per ton of product [m3water/t]
  • Total energy consumption [kWh gas/m2]
  • Monitoring for peak loads
  • Creation of KPIs for byproducts and carbon emissions

If several plants are located at the same site or in different countries, all plants or buildings can be installed and visualized on the same platform. This allows identical objects to be compared with one another on the basis of KPIs (benchmarking), creating a greater incentive to save energy. In addition, this also enables energy consumption to be automatically charged to the functions causing it (according to cost centers).


“Energy monitoring visualizes in-house energy streams and allows analyses to be performed and thus appropriate optimization measures to be taken.”


It would be a pleasure for us to advise and support you!

Simply contact us to discuss the subject of energy saving together, for example on the basis of an Energy Management System. Just send us an email to st.gallen@dont-want-spam.buhler-scherler.com 


Veiso brochure


«Cloud and in-house solutions are possible and portable»

Cloud solution

Your benefits...

  • Estimate of energy and cost streams and their possible optimization
  • Support in ISO-50001 certification
  • Web-based, company-wide energy management
  • Modular additions
  • IoT interface
  • Analysis tool with target and action planning
  • Individual user rights, any number of users
  • Innovative and green image of your company
  • Ad-hoc reporting: screen display as PDF
  • Periodic energy reports by e-mail
  • Standard reports by e-mail
  • Straightforward integration of existing measurement points via HW or BUS

Our strengths...

  • Many years of experience in electrical engineering, creation of energy concepts, building automation, metrology, and process engineering
  • Possibility of implementing automated energy management in combination with CS
  • Vast network of resources
  • Energy consulting capabilities
  • Easy integration in the VE!SO building automation solution

Our capabilities...

  • Creation and implementation of the measurement concept
  • Linking of data with the EMS
  • Support in ISO-50001 certification
  • Combined implementation of monitoring and energy consulting 
  • Integration of several sites
  • Creation and implementation of private consumption communities