Bühler+Scherler is a member of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG). We concern ourselves in depth with the implementation of hygiene-compliant electrical systems in the food production industry in order to ensure safe food production.


The design of industrial plants is characterized by rapidly changing requirements of the buyer markets and continuous innovation of modern production processes. Installation systems therefore demand a high level of flexibility. Our specialists, trained to think and act in an interdisciplinary way, take up these challenges.


Our know-how

  • Energy supply; medium-high voltage, transformers, generators, cogeneration units, etc.
  • Industrial processes
  •    Lighting, emergency lighting, outdoor lighting

  • Fire detection systems
  • Closed- circuit television systems (CCTV)
  • Food Safety
  • Explosion control
  • Grounding (earthing) and bonding systems
  • Consulting und Assessments

Common standards and regulations

  • IEC International Electrical Committee
  • DIN / VDE, Europe, Africa and Asia
  • UL / NEC, North America / Central America
  • BS, United Kingdom/ Commonwealth
  • NIN, Switzerland
  • ATEX for explosion zones
San Miguel, Philippines
Flour Mills, Korea
Vun Tau Vietnam
Food Safety - minimized contamination thanks to high sanitation standards
Pure Flour Mills, Nigeria


  • Flour mills
  • Feed mills
  • Ship loaders and unloaders
  • Chocolate and cacao processing lines
  • Coffe processing systems
  • Pasta production lines
  • Rice processing lines
  • Breakfast cereal production lines
  • Bakeries
  • Malting plant
  • Extruder lines
  • Printing ink production systems
  • PET plants
  • Bulk storage systems (silos/strage elevators)
  • Ethanol plants
  • Wood pelleting lines
  • Animal feed producton plants
  • Waste incineration plants